Thursday, May 29, 2014

27 days and run for the train

Bolted for the train this morning. Possibly something that will not happen again for a while? My last run was 3 weeks? 4 weeks ago? The prospect of running is now beyond me. Something to dream of doing after July. Charlie has been up early to mountain bike at the You Yangs and now there's a dream of the three of us there for run/ride in the early mornings.

Last day of work tomorrow. Still not sure how it feels. Technically, it's been a great transition, with my replacement spending quality time with the team. I'll miss my colleagues. And I might (re?)discover some interests of my own.

Yesterday we had second obstetrician appointment at the hospital; it was even quicker and stranger than the first. The Doc was a joker, we had no questions, there were no issues, we were in-n-out in minutes. He did a quick scan, which was unexpected, so good to see her again. Her heart pumping, the long curve of her spine, and best of all, confirmation that she's in a good position, head down, bum up by my left ribs.

Baby Shower and BBQ, 24 May

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