Monday, May 05, 2014


I love marking anniversaries. Marking, more like, another excuse to remember. This time of year there's a lot of memories of people past, another reason to be tearful.

This Saturday past, the first weekend of May, is the 'anniversary' of buying this forever home. That Saturday was planned out as being really our first concerted effort toward 'house-hunting'. Somewhat belated, yes, after a 18 months of so-called house-hunting.

Sensibly, Charlie asked me to refine my long list into a short list so we concentrated our efforts in ONE neighbourhood (instead of the three I had listed: Yarraville/Newport, Moonee Ponds, Thornbury). We picked four in the west, and resolved to take our bikes to move around between the addresses.

It was a bright cool day and we were chipper as leaving Werribee, where we'd been housesitting for the Good Doctor. First house was tidy and under a flight path, ended up selling for more than $100k over the top of the range. Not for us. We rode on.

Next, to Newport. Along the waterfront which is now so familiar, by the power station, under the big bridge, by the refinery. Smelling a distinct 'industry' fume, Charlie commented that Newport wasn't going to be for us. Ha. And he loved the first house we looked at there, despite the fact it was almost uninhabitable. It has big wet holes in the wall, the floor was crazy, cats sat around throughout the inspection, the dining room with exposed bluestone was amazing. A project house. Charismatic.

Back on bikes to Yarraville where we met up with Mum and queued to get in the next house, feeling like we were at an awkward party. I liked it but it was hard to think with all the people crowded around. We went to lunch. Frying Pan joined us, no idea why she was local in the west that day. The sun was bright and delicious. We decided not to go to the Footscray listing due to Mum's intel on the railway expansion. Good call.

At Lady Moustache for a sustenance stop. 
Back on the bikes with Mum leading the way in her car. This final listing was my favourite. We still had energy for inspecting. Up the driveway. Greeted the agent, stood inside, walked through. Everything was good. Yard, floorboards, kitchen/lounge area, high ceilings, character. Um...

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