Friday, May 02, 2014

32 and panting

Generally feeling quite lovely and happy, with occasional pangs of sadness about missing the high country and camping this winter. Also tearful when watching 'Call the Midwife'! Picture me in my pjs on bed, legs up the wall, iPad resting on my belly, tears rolling down my face when Charlie comes to bed.

My weekly email updates provide a long list of 'physical changes' and discomforts to be felt at this stage and I feel lucky that it's really only shortness of breath that is in evidence. As she might gain anywhere between 1-2 kilos in the final couple of months, things could get interesting though. I went for a run yesterday, the same 2kms down to water, along and back, and felt no pains, just shallow breath.  

32 weeks and the climbing wall under construction

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