Saturday, August 22, 2015


Milla's new word today is cheetah. She also says 'hi, Dad' and can wave at Sooty when we say 'where's Sooty?'.

No riding for Charlie today, feeling lackluster and it was raining. We decided to drive and explore. It wasn't roses, we'd woken at 3:30am to Milla's coughing and struggling to breathe, so stopped at a Doctor in Scottsdale where we got a dose of reassurance.

We drove north, to Waterhouse, where the fields of cows and sheep gave way to some dunes, little beaches and rocks like those at Cape Conran.

Stopped at Bridport and Milla walked the sand, took a few steps down the main street independently, and watched the seagulls fight for our soft apple. Almost trendy café, yarn bombed tree with blossom litter, yummy coffee and retro high chair.

Afternoon back at Derby, our final night. I did my 'easy' run, 6k in the drizzle, along the Tasman Highway. Tomorrow long run, 1 hour 20, we've checked out the northeast rail trail as a possible venue. Then back on the big boat from Devonport tomorrow night. It's been a long week. In a good way.

Bridport bike.

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