Tuesday, August 04, 2015

13 months

Life at thirteen months is walking on knees, smacking forehead on edges, spooning dirt from the garden, batting away food from the bench when tired (or just annoying!), another round of conjunctivitis. We're listening to coughs that come and go, Milla saying 'that!' all the time, which seems to need to reply of whatever she's pointing at. We're wondering what the post-bottle routine will be like, only days away. Perhaps less of the surrender monkey and some howling as she's put down? Meanwhile my mother's group discuss overnight feeds so we're grateful.

Climbed 'into' the BBQ.
Goodbye to Tolmie this weekend past. Strange days. Rearranging furniture here and getting some things from memory lane.

Last photo of me/us at Tolmie.

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