Wednesday, March 12, 2014

XXV Maybe Baby(moon)

I feel like posting a photo reel from the past week and lots of happiness moments. But some things need their own post. Like Lyttleton.

Happy happy near Arthur's Pass after dinner on Day 1

This holiday was booked long ago, as a return to the ice for Charlie, with an ice-climbing course booked in. Then he broke his shoulder. So the flights were moved to some random date in the future. Which came about and we still had no real replacement holiday in mind. And I'm pregnant so a big hike was not an option.

As Charlie is pursuing bouldering, we found the week nicely alternated between climbing days and touring/walking days. Perfect weather helps.

Christchurch > Cass Bay > Castle Hill > Arthur's Pass > Mayfield > Queenstown > Glenorchy > Kinloch > Moke Lake > Queenstown > Geraldine > Governor's Bay > Lyttleton > Christchurch

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