Saturday, March 15, 2014

XXV or thereabouts

A classic New Zealand landscape and brilliant weather.  Lake Pukaki. 
Seven days in the South island, four camping nights and two nights at AirBnB accommodation. Sleeping on a Thermarest was not as comfortable as a month ago, but I still had great nights' rest and wouldn't have done it any other way.

Our first tent night we camped near Arthur's Pass after Charlie bouldered at Castle Hill, selecting an out-of-the-way spot with lots of sandflies. The next two nights were at 12 Mile Delta just north of Queenstown, on the shore of Lake Dunstan. It was being at a music festival, minus the entertainment. Witnessed (but failed to photograph) the best sunset ever. Our final camping night we arrived late into Moke Lake and only got a short time with any light left. It was a priceless few hours though: the campground manager chipper and warm, the mountain silhouette beautiful and shooting/falling stars on show.

Moke Lake campground. 

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