Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's like a monsoon

Woke up at 5 today.
5pm. What the? I thought my clock was broken. I missed a whole fucking day. This rarely happens in my life. And my aircon was leaking, possibly because I'd left it on for 11 hours, possibly because there is a monsoon active.
Today, again, I got the first subway home. From Hongdae it takes 30 minutes, which is sooooo good. Especially when you're trying to stay awake. And your jeans are soaked through like I've been out wading waist-deep in a stream of rancid kimchi juice.
So last night was the opening of the show Ethan's in. I met up with Luke earlier near Insadong and had some food and beer and a chat with KP and started to feel reasonable. Had a wander in the fucking rain and a gander at the millions of galleries and touristy shops... It's very cute and nice there. Went upstairs to a teahouse and had a drink before going to the show, which every Westerner and her dog was at. Ethan turned up looking SHARP with a hot lady in tow. The sharpness lasted until the first sangria was poured and somehow ended up in a splatter pattern on Ethan's white shirt. Great. Was glad he remembered our pledge to wear ties though.
Anyways, show was good.......... Standing in the street after drinking beer from the convenience store and taking photos with the convenience store disposable camera was good too. Headed to Hongdae for the after party, by which time the rain set it. We still didn't think we needed umbrellas... Too cool, all that jazz. Within minutes we were actually wading - me in my cute new Korean kitten heels, Ethan in customary moonboots, and Misty in sexy red leather heels. Stopped at a convenience store and bought *expensive* umbrellas, waded waded waded along wondering deleriously how weather could be this brutal.
Ugh so sat a Seom and had a glass of red listening to some Aussie girl with a foghorn voice carry on. Ethan used a giant teddy bear to rest on. Sat and listened to the rain, listened to the rain, listened to the rain, incredulous. Eventually decided to move but we made the *wrong* move to Aura, which looked like a tip and had a live band blaring Japanese impro-experimental jazz. EXCRUCIATING. I blamed Ethan. Got outta there and crossed the street so we were out of earshot. We walked back along the deathtrap to FF but they were playing the GREASE song... which I've heard 100000000 times this past month as some students at school are singing it as part of the school's pop song contest (for which I am MC). So I convinced them to go to Nabi... Which is like returning to the womb... But with barely-legal sexy Korean boy-men in reclaimed Ray Bans with prescription lenses there. Excellent.
Ugh there's a postscript to the night's activities which involves a nice hotel room with *leaks* and no power... oh and what seemed like a frat-boy threesome... But I need to get some kinda snack.


jethan said...

umm...i think it was a giant pink pig.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Sorry - you are right - a giant pink SMOKING pig. Sorry, toy expert.

kitpixwhatever said...

and here was i thinking it would be a good idea to stay at home instead of getting drenched...seems like i did indeed miss out on some missdeeds - stolen cake, smoking pigs and bad japanese experimental rock!!!

Bonnie Conquest said...

yep it was a pix kinda night... plus the barely legals, of course... i hope johnny depp rocked out today in the carribean...

misty L said...

Hey BC, I just wanted to let you know that I bought a bunch of Hong Kong toys for you yesterday. You're going to LOVE them. Seriously.