Saturday, July 08, 2006


I've been trying not to listen to The Cure as they are high on my 'songs that kill me' list, but today... Couldn't help it! Stand-out lyrics dedicated to Oh! Charlie! ::

You're so gorgeous
I'll do anything
I'll kiss you from your feet
To where your head begins
You're so perfect
You're so right as rain
You make me make me
Make me hungry again
Everything you do is irresistible
Everything you do is simply kissable

Oh! So! Good!
Then I sat down with a cup of tea and some jammy bread and read Ludmila's Broken English, by dbc pierre. So feckin hilarious. My stand-out snippet from this morning ::

'Throbbing music no longer beat time to a young life ascending. Now it hammered boards over future's window.'

Ok, and favourite spazz-Konglish t-shirt from yesterday ::

'I want stardom day and night
I do believe in chastity'

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mskp said...

ohcharlie looks awesome in that picture! i'd like to see more definition of the package though.