Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wa-Bar Whiskey Event

So I met a new peep last night. To get from my satellite province to his satellite province involved 1 hour on the subway... A lot of time to think about the things I want to post.
  • I wore my Wolfmother t-shirt to work yesterday. Sick.
  • Korean women wear heels all the time.
  • The other teachers at my work said 'you wear a lot of black'.
  • I keep seeing seppos in the lift of my building. Great.
  • I drank a lot of beer last night, then ordered crumbed pork with gravy.
  • I visited the most disgusting toilet ever. Squat, with rice in the bowl. Mmm.
  • Korean men are pretty hot. And wayyy effeminate.
  • Best t-shirt ever on a kid riding a bike this morning: 'sometimes there is sorrow'.


Dave Mack said...

Love that t-shit!

P.s. thanks for your help!

Bonnie Conquest said...

yeah how can you not... made me happy, even though it's true...

Dave Mack said...


Bonnie Conquest said...

thought you were being funny.
definitely t-shit...!

Dave Mack said...

hahaha I probably should have left it.

But, I will definately employ again it should the occasion arise.

mskp said...

t - shizzle

jethan said...

here's to the toilets and don cas. as for the ended up in my bed wearing my clothes. hi! single white female!