Saturday, July 15, 2006

Seoul Daze

So tonight was supposed to be the big night, and last night the stay-at-home night... Didn't work out like that... Got an email at 9pm from Pix saying get to wine bar to meet hilarious Aussie friends. Got to Seoul Station at 10pm - so, clearly my idea of getting the subway home was shot from the start, as I'd have to leave town at 11pm to make it. Also it took us 10 minutes to figure out how to cross the road. No shit. Then the map to the wine bar that Pix had was sketchy, so we somehow engaged the help of some random slightly pissed Korean guys, who stood with us spinning the map for a while, before one said 'wait a minute' and like speedy Gonzalez, ran off down the street. We stood bemused and laughing wondering wtf he had gone to do/get... Then he roars up the street on his scooter, motioning for us to get on... His bike is held together with sticky tape and he is in pajamas from what I can tell.. We get on! We go up the mountain! We see fancy schmancy wine bar perched on the hill... We dismount, give profuse thanks, and enter naos nova. Please please check out the website and see what I'm talking about... It has killer views of the city, only serves wine to drink, features a wine list that has bottles for 2,000,000 aka a month's salary, and kick-arse tapas with real flavours like prosciutto! and pesto!
Anyways I got the subway home... when it started again at 5.30am today. Hmm. I got in to my place and headed for the shower... That's when I discovered green ink all over my feet. Like all over. Like stained, like won't come off after agessssss scrubbing. WTF? Where did it come from?


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The number of devilish peeps!
Yeah I saw that but I think the counter is wong, should be more like 666666, shirley.