Sunday, July 30, 2006


Way to make my apartment building look shite.
Take a photo of it.

Anyways, I'm in Zenit love - as always.
But, not in little man love as the dude who I thought was little man 2, is shit.
For those who don't know about me and little man...
There's a guy in Smith Street, Collingwood, who developed my pictures for me and has done for about 7 years now. I love him. I don't go anywhere else. When I went to Europe for a year I held onto all my filums and got him to process them on my return. He printed all the large shots for my show last year too.
So I felt, cos of the Zenit, that it would be difficult/upsetting to wait until I got home from Korea to get prints done. Thus I've been looking for a new little man. But this guy ain't the shit. I got reprints made and they were completely different to the orginals... Mostly, shitter. And these are the ones he scanned for the CD. Anyways. There are still some excellent moment... Checkem.


the muddy one said...

k, just got back from round 2 at pentaport...and apart from round 1 being the best day ive had in a long time, round 2 just didnt get me going - that is until i saw some ridiculously-hard-to-pronounce korean heavy metal band that was ferken good in the true sense (instead of the 'bless thats so cute korean styles' sense) and had everyone jumping in mud and screaming...awesome.
also saw brilliant t-shirts you would have loved e.g.
front: 'so sorry i have PMS'
back: 'lets make up',
front: 'victim'
AND to top it all off saw one couple not only in couple tees, but couple hats AND another pair in matching pink tees and pink glasses!
its inspiring.
i want to make a couple tee;
boy: 'she's my girlfriend'
girl: 'he's my boyfriend'
just so everyone would be clear.
well, theres a comment for you :)
see you soon new 'do lady

mskp said...

new do? let's see it, kiddo.

Bonnie Conquest said...

'Do' don't look much different to the old 'non-do'... It's in the new photos in my Korea folder. Check out the 'JAPS' picture and the ones in the back of the taxi.
I hated it for an hour but now I'm happy. It's nothing spesh but I'm growing my hair, so...

Anonymous said...

hmm "little man" doesn't demeaning or somewhat racist at all....

Bonnie Conquest said...

how did you know he was vietnamese, ANON?

mskp said...

mmm...racist - WHICH I HATE.

p.s. i also HATE anonymous commenters.

Dave Mack said...

^dope David Brent reference

mskp said...


he understands me.