Sunday, July 23, 2006

International Jazz Story


What's that?
Gold dust

Excellent t-shit yesterday.

I still feel a little seedy from Saturday night... Is that right?
Had such a freaking good time. After the Song and Quiz Contest at work, I met up with Luke (who I NEED to start calling JD, seeing as that's his new name) in Hongdae at 4ish, went to Ordinary Cafe which was great as always. Wandered the shops, made hair appointments for next week, had lunch in Hongdae, sitting outside in a plaza area, watching everyone go by, buying chewing gum from old ladies who came by....... Met up with Pix and headed to Ryan's fancy-pants hotel to collect him. Jumped in a taxi which followed the road by a palace to its end... Where we found Jazz Story.
I guess that's where the messiness began. Ugh. Decor was amazing, band was fantastic, wine hideously overpriced, and we were slowly becoming boorish, demonstrated primarily through our interactions with the band...... Consisted of repeated requests for songs that they couldn't play.... Play some Leonard Cohen! No? Play some Tom Waits! No? Play Elvis Costello! No? Fine.
Went to Ryan's room and drank plum wine with gold leaf that JD bought from the convenience store. Yum. Pix and Ryan blasted Dolly Parton and Kasey Chambers through the complaints (of mine, the neighbours, authorities, etc) until we headed back to Hongdae on the premise of visiting a kitten.
Anyways, had pork for brekky, got home at 8am. A new record for me in Seoul.

By the way. Got some great emails. Thanks LTR, JC, Mumma, Abe, Charlie, especially.


mskp said...

why on EARTH would anyone complain about dolly parton?

the woman is a genius.

oh, and guess what?

Bonnie Conquest said...

mmmmm what?
toby has sexy hair?

Dave Mack said...

Heyho Bonnie,

I have question about these T-shits. What fonts and designs to they tend to come in? Are they normally just straight text with a picture? or are they wanker metro style with useless boring patterns and fake paint drips on them? or are they in some other mind-blowingly awesome design that I am not ready to handle, let alone comprehend?

yours inquisitively

Dave Mack

Bonnie Conquest said...

Hey ho old mate,
They come in every kind except those Ozzie splatter styles. I'll try to get some photos. There are a lot of straight text, but others with non-related pictures of waves or celebrities or fruit... Anything at all...
It's Korean style, mate. Nutso.

luis said...

can't see why you got boorish at that place. the link to its blurb says the music bands play at this joint is not jazz per se but more like "cool torch music".

now, i'd pay to see that.

btw, i'm doing a marathon reading of the korea adventure so far. loving it.

Bonnie Conquest said...

how are you?! where you been?!
please give me a review of the 'korea story' when you've caught up...