Monday, July 03, 2006

Lettuce + Porridge

Ok so my day at work was horrendous. Just awful. Most classes would not be controlled. Most classes I had no textbook for. Most classes I had no idea what or how to teach them. Great.
Then I had to go to Immigration to register as an alien. Great. My (only) Korean friend, Luke, came with me (actually chauffeur-drove me), which was so good, I just let him do the talking and we were done in 10 minutes. Amazing.
Then we headed north to the suburb where he grew up, very very nice. He took me to a lettuce restaurant - there was a giant illuminated sign inside that had pictures of the 18 different lettuces they served, with the healthy properties of each outlined underneath. So a GIANT pile of lettuce was the main dish, and the small dishes were kimchi, garlic, dried shrimp, spinach, miso paste, miso soup, white kimchi... others... and rice.
Luke loves Baskin Robbins ice-cream so we stopped off to get him some and the shop next door had a sign saying 'Korean Traditional Porridge Restaurant'... I was like - WTF?! Lettuce! Now this?! So we ordered some take-out for me to have for my lunch tomorrow - bean and sweet potato porridge I think. Hmm.
On the subway home the guy standing next to me said 'Russian?'. My heart sank - this is becoming a daily occurrence - random guys thinking I'm Russian (which I think is a euphemism for 'hooker'). I was like 'no....' and turned away. Long story short, he engaged me in conversation and asked me to be his private tutor, which refused... Ugh whatever.


jethan said...

on the bright side you got porridge. who doesn't love porridge.

mskp said...

i hate porridge.

and i hate mean men who ask my bonnie if she's a hooker.

and i pretty much hate lettuce too, as you know, ms conquest.

but i love you.

Bonnie Conquest said...

I love porridge.
But. There is no way of reheating it as my crappy work doesn't have a microwave. So I might hate porridge when I actually get to it cos it'll be room temperature.
Yeah KP, I reckon you and BAM woulda just LOATHED the lettuce palace. But it kept me laughing for hours. And that's priceless.

Anonymous said...

Porridge rocks...unlike bosses? Shhhh Honey is the trick babe. xx