Tuesday, July 04, 2006


When I packed, I could have brought less scarves and ties and more books. Clearly, since it's TOO HOT to wear any of my nifty scarves, and I read the one novel I brought in 3 hours.
Anyways, I was rereading the book - jPod by Coupland - and found a favourite bit where the geeks are discussing their own personal kryptonite.. For one it's meetings, another it is Microsoft press releases. What's mine...? Rod Stewart? Socks in bed? What's yours?
Hey I went down to the convenience store (as my colleagues call it) to heat up my porridge and scammed the guy into letting me use the microwave which is for povvo students to heat up instant noodles. My porridge was way yummy, just a gelatinous pumpkin soup really. And it came with kimchi, chili paste stuff and some pickled meat as the sides. Great. I ate it at work while reading Time! For Kids! I learnt that Nigeria is double the size of California... Really puts things in perspective, hey?
Work was just as shit today, by the way. I can't count the amount of times I just want to run run run away. I heard that new teachers here have this feeling, but I had no idea it would be this bad. And these two days, it's not even that I miss home, but that I hate the work, it's so shit, stressful, not knowing what to do all the time.


z said...

it really gives me the shits that they get you out there, alone, in a new country, doing a job you've never done before and have no training for, and give you no support. it seems like it would benefit them to help you out, because then you would be able to teach better more quickly... and for them, isn't that why you're there, to teach, rather than have intense character building experiences?
anyway, love you.

Bonnie Conquest said...

love you z.

mskp said...

obviously, doc's kryptonite is piedemonte's in north fitzroy.

yours is a lethal combination of the eagles and rod stewart.

is mine...the northcote social club? or god?

Bonnie Conquest said...

yours - god; anything 'anti-libertarian'; empty puku.

mine? def rod and eagles - though i contend that LTR's are anything anti-rod or anti-eagles.
i've got more, i know it.

Bonnie Conquest said...

oh i remembered a personal krytonite: room temperature milk.

jo doyle said...

Hey the Britsih club have heaps of books for exchange. You should join the club. It is close to City hall and you can drink Aussie and British beer at cheap prices. I found the Arse saw the Angel by Nick Cave. Watch out for creepy British expats

Good Luck


mskp said...

i forgot mine: