Saturday, July 01, 2006

Couples Coupling

More from the list of stuff to blog, that I scrawled on the subway map last night:

  • Couples love to wear exact matching outfits. Imagine cute yellow polo shirts, buttoned up, levis and white high-tops... Both boy and girl. Luke tells me honeymooners especially love this. Ugh.
  • There are giant cases with gasmasks in them in the subway - complete with posters about how to fit them. Very graphic.
  • Ads for the Korean Mumma Mia! on the subway.
  • "No amount of poetry can mend this broken heart'... Thank-you, Billy Bragg.


Baby Doc said...

I really must endeavour to comment more, instead of just perusing and forgetting the fact that the medium doesnt automatically convey the warm fuzzy feeling I get.

You're missed.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Me wuv you Doc.
Warm fuzzy.....

TOBYtoby said...

Crush and I HAVE to get matching outfits.

That would be so cool.

Bonnie Conquest said...


PS. youse are not crushes. it's wayyy beyond that.