Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Push Your Luck

Liberation Day's best t-shit was the above. But there were more. This one is just for Richard Watts.

Today I saw ::
Nature to

So yesterday, I went to Ilsan, finished my book on the way. Looked out the windows one we left the underground and saw fields, horses, low-rise building and mountains galore. JD eventually met me and we drove to another lettuce restaurant. Strange thing - no kimchi - and that night, I had (pine nut) porridge and there was no kimchi either. It really felt wrong.
It was sooo hot yesterday and JD and I walked around the artificial lake in Ilsan and nearly expired. I was entertained by the masses of Dads on mini motorbikes giving their kids dinks around the park - HOONING! What a great way to celebrate Liberation Day.
Anyways, I was shit yesterday. Emotionally worn out and just walking in circles on Struggle Street. I should have gone home a lot earlier than I did. Sorry to all those who crossed my path. But then when I did get home JD spotted a couch abandoned in the street by my apartment.... We dragged it up and installed it in my *cubicle* of an apartment. So now HALF of my furniture are street refugees that I've dragged in. Must admit it looks more like a home now.

Took some photos on my camera but they're shitty (of course, cos I was shitty). But JD's camera has some gems on it... Need to get them.

Anyways, the last post I think I made one very brief statement about Australian politics and it generated quite a response. Notably from people perceiving the absence of alternative leaders as some sort of confirmation that Howard is the one and only for Australia. Erm? And from people who think that the results from the past 3 Federal election are somehow unarguable. Erm? It's clear that one of the greatest changes the Howard decade has affected is that of a shift of mindset, to a new culture where we don't imagine that a better life is possible, a life where we channel our energies into complaints about petrol prices, tax types, and interest rates, and into xenophobic negativity about asylum seekers, terrorists and muslims. But all of this is not seen/portrayed as within Howard's sphere of influence. Ahhh... I trail off.

And! Joy! 24323 minutes to go!


pixie said...

just because there are no alternative leaders does not mean that howard is right for pm...i dont think that is a logical conclusion to draw let alone one that 'people' are saying they have come to.

i just want someone to tell me who they personally think IS right.

that is all.

stevechatelier said...

The impossible question for the idealist to answer, pixie.

There is never going to be the perfect candidate for PM or the perfect party to govern. However, there will - every now and then - be some that at least espouse and articluate a vision that is worth aiming for. There will, always, be the self-seeking, compromising leader who needs public critiquing for the sake of the community\society.

I don't think we are in the enviable position right now in Australia where we have an alternative that we can confidently say is right. That completely sucks, because it is always better to vote for someone with a positive vibe in yer bones. BUT, in the absence of this, we still have a responsibility to ensure that the worst candidate\party is not voted in.

So, due to circumstances, the question that needs to be asked of the Australian constituency right now is the very question Howard has put to them for the last ten years: who would you least want (except he uses "trust") governing this country (except he uses the individualised "you")?

Can anyone really justify Howard?

jethan said...

hey look i found your couch post. oh, and you're right that photo is shitty.