Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Honest Dissent vs Disloyal Subversion

Title is from another t-shit seen yesterday. Sweet baby jesus.

Friday night got such a long post that I didn't get to cover Saturday, which was an excellent day.
After getting home around 6.30am, still drunk, I had a 4-hour powernap that I woke up from neither hungover nor refreshed. Had to get up and get moving as JD Whatever and I had made hair appointments for 12 noon in Hongdae at Head Rush. It was a bit of a struggle... JD got a taxi from his place, a million miles away, and turned up just in time to get our washes done together... I was offered a drink and gratefully asked for a coffee. Shitful, but then I had to drink it.
Anyways haircut is underwhelming. But ok.
The graffiti I saw after haircut was intense.
Decided to get a cab to an area I'd not been to before - need to get out of Hongdae - and JD spotten a taxi driver getting into his taxi - he'd stopped for a snack and we'd grabbed him. He thought that was hilarious, so we were all laughing at nothing really. I think I was delerious with fatigue.
Got to Hyehwa and we went to a nice place for chicken lunch. I was worried cos it's all bones and my chopstick skills are ok but the last time I had this same meal it was a disaster. Not to worry - they brought aprons for us and JD got scissors and cut the meat for me.
After eating, felt much better, then stepped outside and the heat hit us. There are heaps of market stalls selling cassette tapes! hairties! theatre tickets! dvds! and crazee toffee in cute shapes.
Then we headed to Amsil, which was the scheduled highlight of the day. Amsil is 'darkroom' and the idea was to go there, use the studio space and then develop our photos. I'd brought the zenit. Small flaw in the plan was that neither JD nor I know how to process filum. The last time I did it was in 1995. So they have a bar there and we had a beer and looked at black & white magazine.
As we left I saw a strange sight: old guys with loud speakers and sandwichboards ranting. There was a display of heaps of posters in front of them. JD explained that they were complaining that there would be no reunification of the Koreas until the Americans leave. Wow, ok. I was intrigued, looked closer at the displays, then realised they prolly all thought I was a Yank too.
We wanted to see a movie but most cinemas only show junk movies in English - Superman or Garfield? No thanks. So we went to a DVD bang and chose Broken Flowers, which I never saw as the day I went to see it the projector at the Rivoli broke. Also thought it might be a little boring, which JD likes.
Well. First of all it was WEIRD to walk into a DVD bang and see the large black vinyl lounge and the box of tissues and the pillows and big screen and not be in that little private space with a lover, which is obviously what it's made for... But it didn't matter cos about 5 minutes into the movie, JD fell asleep, so I just made myself comfy and enjoyed the film, putting my feet up and laughing loudly whenever I wanted. I'm glad I've been to a DVD bang now though. I went out last night and scouted for some in my area so can take Charlie when he gets here. Excitement.

The countdown has begun - Charlie tells me it's 44000 minutes to go. Geek. Bless.

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mskp said...

i loved broken flowers.

did you notice that bill murray's next door neighbour is the syriana-manchild-basquiat?