Sunday, August 06, 2006

Build a Fort, Set it on Fire

A salute, to Jeffrey Wright.
I think he might be the black Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Is that racist?

The fact that his back catalogue includes Homocide: Life on the Street is enough for me.
However, it just gets better. He played Basquiat in the eponymous filum. He was brilliant in Syriana, and in Broken Flowers. Both really interesting movies... And he is really compelling and convincing on screen.

Erm - he has a BA in Political Science, nice.

ps. 37509 minutes to go.


pox said...

i adore mr wright.

i adore mr seymour hoffman.

come to think of it i adore you, too.

re cock you luss lee so.

Bonnie Conquest said...

oh pox. i'm so sorry to have renamed you. pix is much cuter than pox.

erm, and i adore you.
can't believe you ARE LEAVING ME!!

poxy said...

pox is growing on me :)

and it itches.

by the way, im really hot - and in the way the word was originally meant.

like, really.

you on the other hand are hot, in the way society's youth has re-allocated the word.

liked jonghwa's email ANd his use OF capitals ** and little CUTESY asterics'(es??)

we should see them again and get brainwashed :)

foxy/poxy said...


if you were korean i could interpret my new name as really being 'foxy'!!

now, is that rascist?

Bonnie Conquest said...

racist? probably. who knows.

i'm a leetle concerned that i've made friends with someone whose email address is jesusfreak@ AND who works for a brainwashing company called 'genius gem box'