Saturday, August 19, 2006

Joy Post

Ok I'm hungover today but I'm not a bit melancholy. I have a joy post to write. That is, a post that's all about joy, all full of joy and goodness.
Yesterday I listed all the things that made me joyful - it's a long list that also has a couple of thank-yous. Then last night I went out and saw 3 really fun punk bands and I experienced EVEN MORE JOY. So good. We went to DGBD to see Nunco Cobein but they had 2 bands before then, Cool Age and Star Bow, both of which were SO CUTE and SO FUN. The club is really small but everyone was standing up, there was skankin' happenin' and it was all about love. Pix mobbed the lead singer of Nunco Cobein and I told him I was stalking him. Great.

I took a buncha photos, including ones of the great sunset over Hongik University, and some stencil art and Vilnius-style graffitti.

My joy list goes like this (in random, joyful order) ::

  • * I received a care package from KP, completely brimming with kisses and cool thoughful wonderful stuff like books, postcards, magazines, clothes. Oh. My. Wonderful. Day. Thank-you!
  • * I received a postcard from LTR in Turkey which appeared to be written by someone else - some relaxed and happy holiday boy. Wonderful. Thank-you. And I eagerly await my personalised 'Best of Rod' album.
  • * Yesterday was a birthday party at work. We have them every month. It means I only teach 2 of my 5 kinder classes and I get to eat fried chicken and drink pepsi max all morning. Check out the table laden with treats, yum... So many rice cakes!
  • * I have a little crush on the lesbian photographer who comes to shoot all the events at school. I asked her for copies of the photos which I am in - I have to pose with the birthday kids - and she said 'Ok, no chargie, service'. Excellent. I love her.
  • * The kids were all ok yesterday and I didn't have to yell at all. Or stamp my feet - my usual method of getting their attention. This alone will make for a good day.
  • * I made lots of jokes with my students about the silly ones drinking soju and we all thought this was hilarious.
  • * Feckin. PERFECT WEATHER. Seriously, beautiful. From my window yesterday morning I could see someone was drying chilis in the street. Sun shining, blue sky, no humidity, a breeze. Best weather yet. Today is the same but I'm hungover. Shit.
  • * My Ma was in the newspaper for her poetry reading in Turkey.
  • * Z tells me Otta knows his alphabet. Genius beautiful child.
  • * Thinking about Charlie and the most amazing 9 days.
  • * Thinking about Charlie and our future memories. Joy.


jethan said...

i just wanted to type that word.
oops i did it again.

richardwatts said...

Chili-drying in the street? God, your life is so much more interesting than mine. Wanna swap for a couple of days some time?

Bonnie Conquest said...

Richard! That was such a highlight, the chilis. Wow. Joy.
Yeah, babe, I wouldn't mind swapping... Your life is full of art and Melbourne goodness. My weekdays are full of bratty kids and yelling. "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes..."

jay said...

I like the idea of chillies in the street too how beautiful. Swapping lives sounds fun. Hey cant we apply to one of those crapo tv shows?
Enjoy the joy.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Joy joy joy.
What a Friday feeling that was.

The funny thing is, I swapped my Melbourne life for this life. It was easy. Anyone can do it. It's not idyllic but it is different.

Anonymous said...

o, p, b, i , g, a, t, v,

not the whole alphabet!

i saw the girls in the education department at school singing "if you're happy and you know it" today.
thought of you


Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder of joy.... i'll bless each person on my table today... chris @ urban retreat