Friday, August 25, 2006


So yesterday I went home early, as I said, I napped, I talked on the phone, etc.
I planned to go into town and see Pix so I could get some books and stuff from her and say goodbye.
But my boss called, to check how I was. To get a list of my symptoms so she could go to the pharmacy for me. To ask what foods I wanted so she could bring me some after work. WTF?
I madly straightened my room up. Oganised someone to meet Pix as I couldn't call cos she's surendered her phone. Then received a delegation bearing porridge (with 4 side dishes) a huge cake, some pills (?) and some sachets of disgusting granuals. Sweet jesus. We all sat on the floor while they watched me eat. It was intense.

Today I'm still crook, though I've dragged myself to work to supervise some colouring-in. Very glad it's the weekend, and this weekend won't be crazy. No Pix, no Ethan. Want to save my won for Charlie's visit too.

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jethan said...

they're just tryin to bring you some ktlc.