Thursday, August 31, 2006


I see KP has started to list the things she wishes to blog about, a fascinating technique that I am wont to use from time to time.

Herewith my list ::

  • Who orders the alphabet?
  • I learnt 16 K-characters and read my first sign;
  • Someone special told me they're 80% gay;
  • Odyssey to the seamstress and my newly adjusted pants;
  • Cool/cute/boring/late stuff in the mail;
  • On July 1, 2004, more Australian children were born than on any other single date in the past thirty years;
  • New K-friends as of last night;
  • 'Hostile' architecture;
  • My ongoing crush on the school photographer (female, Korean, 40, butch, hilarious);
  • Trip to the science museum today;
  • Thanks to the guardian angels/management/farewell committee who have facilitated my happiness in so many ways.


jethan said...

ilove lists!

mskp said...

jeshi! we are at my house. we just fed oh charlie his body weight in curry from brunswick's finest, bismi. we are about to get in the silver bullet, head out on the tullamarine freeway to drop him off at the gates of heaven. he has special deliveries for you. i've kitted him out with camus and elton [the plague and gridlock] and sent kisses and gifts from a special place [here]. a little of us is going with him. and he'll bring a little of you home. love you, baby girl x.

mskp said...

some days i think i'd feel better

if i tried harder

most days i know it's not true