Friday, August 11, 2006


Dear diary,

Please remember, on days like this, things that make you happy here. There are little things - and sometimes big things - everywhere, that make my heart sing or smile.
  • A student cutting out some cutie paper from her girly magazine to give to me so I can use it as notepaper with a matching homemade envelope. That was great.
  • A student giving me some bit of squashed rice treat from her pocket.
  • Finally stopping at the market near work and buying some random sweet and discovering they are really tasty.
  • Best thing today - going to the photo shop and being greeted BY NAME even though I've only had 2 filums processed there. The greeter was a teenage guy in FLUORO trucker cap over his long gelfling mullet, and -wait for it- baby pink oversize t-shirt and baby pink oversize long shorts. Gold bling. Great English.
  • Getting free drinks at Nabi even when Pix isn't with me. Excellent. That bar has a HOST of cuties staffing it and I've managed to get in favour with 2 of the Barely Legal Girls - in the absence of the Barely Legal Boys, who are rocking Japan for a whole fortnight.

Yeah maybe it's the little things.
But the last few days I've been struggling so that's enough to keep me truckin'.
Oh, and the full moon on Wednesday. Amazing.
And the poems Ma has sent me from Turkey. Oh yeah.
And it's ONLY 30466 minutes to go.
And this 'definition' of Barely Legal Magazine is funny. So was JD's face when I told him BL is a porn expression.


Helen said...


moon behind rock
see the moon
glow golden
from behind the rock
soon we will see the moon
bright moon
see the moon
full moon

jay said...

I was just about to do the same thing today on my blog because it was getting quite glum like me and there are a miriad of things that make me happy.
I am normally a really chipper person, always happy because I love the little things too.
Your a gem.

jay said...

The defininition sound like it was written by someone barely legal, how funny is it!

Pia said...

My students give me random bits of paper and food too.

I keep all their gifts, except the chips, of course. They never fail to warm my insides . . .