Saturday, August 12, 2006

On my mind

Of course, after I thought of happy stuff to list, more came to mind. And staying in last night, my mind was abuzz. I have a new column on my side-bar called 'Weltenschaung' which is supposed to list the stuff I'm thinking about. But it changes so often. How can I keep up? So these are part of my Weltenschaung today ::

  • Mayor Bloomberg saying the secret weapon in the war on terror is 'courage';
  • The lyric 'the scene ends badly as you might imagine, in a cavalcade of anger and fear' from the The Mountain Goats;
  • Getting a text from a girl in my building saying I could swap my 4th floor apartment for hers on the 13th floor;
  • The French neighbourhood in Seoul, where 539 French people live and streets sign are in French and named after places like 'Montmartre';
  • The French guy who lived in this suburb and last week found two dead babies in his freezer - the babies are his;
  • Complete absence of irony in Korea;
  • Rodeo Street in Apgujeong as evidence of the complete lack of irony;
  • The Lithuanian government has declared a state of emergency in the agricultural sector due to a severe drought;
  • Happy to have Ethan back;
  • Russia, Russian, Ukraine, Ukrainian;
  • More grisly news from Korea - an army conscript shoots two high-ranking officers before attempting suicide - the father of one of the dead told the media: 'Right before he went into the Army we went to the public bath together and I washed him from head to foot.'

*Credit where credit is due :: I stole the Weltenschaung idea from Toby's Zeitgeist idea. Ok.


misty L said...

The line from the Mountain Goats song is one of my favorites of all time! yes, please send disposal photos - yay! I'm happy you have Ethan back too. It's hard when he's gone!

kiki said...

so you live next to a killer? is that what happened with the french guy and his babies?

Bonnie Conquest said...

as far as i know, i don't live next to a killer.

the story is weird about the french guy. he lived here in seoul with his wife and primary school kids. one day he comes back from summer holiday in france and discovers 2 dead babies in his freezer and calls the cops. cops figure out he is the father of the twins and his wife is the mother and that as she had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, the babies have been dead for a while. they are in france about to be extradited and are denying parenthood and murder.