Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So Much To Say...

Survived vipassana. Well recommended. Cried for the first three days. Bored and frustrated and full of self-loathing the last 3 days. Thought of so many many things. Vivid dreams for those few hours I slept. Saw many beautiful birds and amazing fogs in the morning. Made a new friend.... Just in time to say goodbye!
Back at work and it's insane. Home is strange cos Mum's not there. My consitution's all mucked about because of the 6.30am and 11am mealtimes at vipassana. Fruits only, after noon. And I've had no booze since the 24th... mmm that chardonnay at The Lane with Mum before going to the airport.
Got a roll of Zenit shots back. Strange one of bro where he don't look like himself at all. Some of the fog near my place which I like, not sure if anyone else will.


Steve Chatelier said...

Ha! Can't imagine you would find solitude for so long too easy!! ...would love to hear more...are you gonna be in Melb last week of June?

Bonnie Conquest said...

Steve! It WASN'T easy!
I'm leaving Sunday week, so nope, Melbourne will be eating my dust at the end of June.
How're your preparations going?

mskp said...

have you shown jackson pollock the skeezy photo of him yet? maybe you should give it to mona for an anniversary present, under the title of THE WORST KIND OF CRYSTAL BALL.

who'm i kiddin'? he'll be another BAM - stylish and sexy to the last.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Ha ha ha haven't shown him yet.
Went to his work yesterday and he showed me his tools (cute!) and the kind of chair that Mona'll be getting. So nice - and so Mona too.