Friday, June 09, 2006

Courage Faith Determination

When I did the Landmark Advanced Course way back whenever, I reconstituted myself as the embodiment of courage, faith and determination. Of course, within months of finishing the course I completely forgot these carefully chosen tenets. They came back to me at vipassana and I was really pleased - these still attract me and drive me.
Yesterday when it dawned on me that I wouldn't get my visa in time to fly on the 18th... I thought, have faith... 'twill work out.. And it will. Methinks I'll be leaving on the 20th now, which gives me an extra couple of days at home after I finish work to turn the music up, eat long brekkies, receive visitors and drive around in my lil car.


Steve Chatelier said...

or of course, you could employ "determination" and ensure you get your visa in time to fly out on the 18th...but then you couldn't have long brekkies: faith wins hands down!!!

Bonnie Conquest said...

Steve. It's outta my hands. I'm determined the the consul will work quickly and as hard as they can. And the posties too. And I've employed courage in *posting* my passport to Canberra.