Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Real Day

Saw 4 'Westerners' today. Oh, actually, that was in the wild, but in a fancy bookstore which has a massive foreign section, there were a few seppos in the lift talking about their students. But I ignored them.
Saw 1 beggar. 2 nuns. LOTS of handsome local men.
Went to work for the first time. Yikes! The director of my school generously said 'it will take a few months, maybe 3 months, but then you will feel ok'. Thanks a freakin lot.
Met the students. So cute! Very groovy kids with ironic mullets and lots of bling. The pressure is on.
Met up with Luke and he took me out for a proper meal, and a wander around. This place is intense. And I am kinda slumming it in my area. But I think I'm going to resolve to like my pen and environs. Might put my map up.
Anyways, we had dinner and then a drink. I caught the subway by myself, changes included. And bought my tickets - by pointing at my destination and throwing money. Had a stranger come up and introduce himself on the platform and practise his English on me. It was ok. I'd be warned this would happen.
I think once I eat a meal in my apartment I will feel more like it's home. I only realised today there are no chairs and no table. I have no cutlery either. Anyways.
I miss cafes. I miss Jack. I miss text messaging. I miss cool fresh air. Everyone knows I miss Charlie. I miss coffee at home. Hmmm.


Mumush said...

t got his visa!

Mumush said...

Who is Charlie and don't you miss your Mummy? Hot here in Istanbul and Beyzat got his visa

Bonnie Conquest said...

So great about Beyzat! When are they coming to Australia!?
Of course I miss my Mumush... So much! It's soooo long since I heard your voice. I brought your postcards with me put in my room.
So hot in Seoul too!
Kisses Mum. I'll call you as soon as I can. Email me your mobile number if you have one now.