Thursday, June 22, 2006

Korean Fashion

Woke up
This morning
with the
blues three
different way Had
two minds
to leave you
only one to

-Saw this printed on a t-shirt today on my lunchtime walk.
-Just had a ballbreaker of a class: one 13 year old boy.
-So far I've had 2 students called Charlie and one called Charles. And one Jack, one Brendan and one Brian. Where do they get these names from?!


mskp said...


i've been up before 9 every day this week.

look at me. facing the day with a spring in my step and a song in my heart.

i thought you'd be a little proud.

Anonymous said...

Mieloooji Dzese. Kaip tau?
I decided to read your blog from my overly funkly big hostel in Vancouver, and go to bed early as I'm feeling...home-sick? ...Life-sick?... I-dunno-sick...and i thought it would make me feel better to catch up on all your news. It worked! Mainly because you have more reason to be anything-sick than me :) Ah. I love perspective. Only been travelling now since 13th but it feels like an age. Blown away by Hong Kong where I stopped over for three days on the way. My perspective on cities has changed forever. I know what you mean about grey. but i know you'll find amazing shades of green and red and even yellow over there and I reckon some spunky purple too, not to mention strips of sleek black. What you're doing is brave and I'm excited for all the experiences you're plunging into. The best thing about such bravery is that it inspires likewise in others, including me. Onya. Bet it makes vilnius seem like a world away all over. The forum I'm in Canada for has really catapulted my energy for my new vocation - so i'm glad to say it was worth it to come here. Kenyans, Croatians, Palestinians, Ugandan, Brazilians and high-ranking UN officials...crazee. Do you have a postal address? Love A
P.S. Prasom miakti man

Bonnie Conquest said...

So good to hear from you, Alanas.
Oh, KP, I'm more than a little proud, by the way.
Al, I think I suffer all the same ailments as you - I have to keep the Vilnius success story front of mind so I know that the bad feelings won't stay.
You're right about colours. This weekend I'll take my camera out and capture them so I know it's real. I put up my world map that I bought at he book fair in Vilnius. It's a sign of home now.
So glad the forum has been good. Nice to hear from you.

TOBYtoby said...

Well ... I've been to bed after 12 every night this week.

Sleep? Sleep is for the weak ...

mskp said...

toby! you will get me in trouble with jeshi for keeping you awake all hours. i've done it to her more than once...

and dollface, on the drive over to toby's last night, the mountain goats came on the radio and i inhaled sharply. i thought it would prompt another torrent of tears but, strangely, i felt joyful. it was the "patient on the table" one - so you, so good.

i hope you've broken out the tunes now - la musica is your amigo, chica.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Don't tell Charlie cos it's on a postcard that I sent him yesterday but the first tunes I played were Tom Waits...