Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More News from the Hood

So I just heard that the Aussies are out of the World Cup. Bummer. Whatever.
Last Saturday Korea also dipped out, and as the Koreans are NUTS about soccer, I thought it would be something I could talk about with my more advanced students. So I asked them: 'Did you watch the soccer?'; 'Who did you watch it with?'; and then 'Did you cry?', because the newspapers and TV showed thousands of people crying when they lost... Every students said 'No! No cry! ANGRY!!'. Funny. They were bloody vitriolic.
Ok, the other thing that was mildly entertaining was (again) on the Defence TV channel... WAS SKID ROW! They do a shout out to the troops! Can't remember the exact words but it's something like 'You're doing us proud - America, and Korea, wouldn't be the same without you'.
I really need to quit watching it. It's like the most toxic brainwashing.
Anyways, it's been a week. I walked home from work tonight and thought, 'a week ago this time I was arriving at the airport in Incheon'. A week. I guess it could be worse. I still can't believe this is my life... But I think I had that feeling in Eltham, in Hawthorn, where ever. Kids called me a 'monkey' today because of the hair on my arms... How lovely! And yesterday... 'angry dinosaur'! Fuck that. I've started to try planning my lessons... Felt much more confident going into class with some handouts and stuff today. Lots of the classes have 'finished their book'... which means 'have nothing to do', which means 'teach them a song by The Beatles'. Which is not as fun as it sounds.


Ilona said...

Oh my darling, so many memories coming back of playing bingo with bored chinese kids..., feeling so useless. i am thinking of you, reading your blog a lot. the things you write. a week, and already walking home. this is your life, is that not strange? the lives you have already led... but trust me, one day you will miss the yellow skies. strength and warm hugs to you. will soon write you a long email once this thesis is out of the way.... kisses, I.

Dave Mack said...

Hello Bonnie

Is the reason you're in Korea, to teach english?

I'm thinking of doing that in Japan next year and I was wondering, if that is was you are doing, what orgainsation are you doing it with?