Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Teach

Dearest Teach! I'll not be there... Please celebrate in style. Your birthday marks the 1 year anniversary of Bonnie Conquest, and her Lament. Thanks for all your love and support, dearest. I'll miss you. Thanks for the call and text today. I'll speak to you 4th June, in the morgen. Love love love. Viva Russia!


mskp said...

oh bonnie, i know you're not on the other end of this comment. i know you're in a tiny tent in the middle of nowhere, thinking hard and freezing your by-jingos off - but i wanted to say that i miss you already. my birthday will be missing one special ingredient without you. i'll raise a glass to you, and wear a stripey top to remind me...

mskp said...

honey, i keep thinking of things to tell you so i'm just going to record them here for posterity.

the freaky man-child investigator guy in syriana? he played basquiat in the julian schnabel movie! i watched it last night with mick and lucy. bowie is warhol - brilliant. and what movie can reasonably have defoe, hopper, del toro, walken, and oldman in it? not to mention courtney love [before she killed kurt, i think] and parker posey?

i bet you've seen it already but i thought you'd appreciate the weirdness of the connection.

come home!

mskp said...

okay, i'll not be wearing a stripey top to my birthday drinks. but i will be wearing...your new favourite polka dot dress!

and dad called me yesterday for my birthday. yes, that's right. after about 15 years of telephoning his only child around the 5th of june [her birthday, of course, being the 2nd], allan placed his birthday call on the 31st of may. in his defence [geddit? he was away on maneouvres], he wasn't there for my actual birth. AND I WENT TO BOTH OF HIS WEDDINGS.


Bonnie Conquest said...

Love you, teach. I'm back. Yay AP.