Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sexy Mo-Fo

Should post a salute to Prince Rogers Nelson. LOVE HIM.
Bought his new album from eBay today.
Stay posted.


mskp said...

mad merry-go-round
the kind you find in a second hand store
mad merry-go-round
and if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more
mad merry-go-round
i think i love her

Dave Mack said...

Prince is a seriously cool guy. Erotic City is my favorite track. I love that Eighties synth funk madness.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Not convinced by the new album.
Not surprised, neither.
It is dedicated to Jehovah.

mskp said...

dave mack, i think prince is a seriously DERANGED guy who has made some seriously cool music. he is the test of my theory that if you do something awesome enough, you can then never be removed from the halls of greatness - no matter how wacked you turn out to be.

other test cases:

michael jackson
bob dylan

waddya reckon, bonnie? should we include johnny ramone?