Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Seven Daze

Got offered the 'Exhibit B' position today. Will think about my 'yes' answer and then tell them tomorrow. Means I'm heading straight back into the giant machine when I get back. But that is security, and bills paid. Ach, it's not bad at all, and it'll be working in a friendly familiar place with old mates all around.
Less than a week left here. I've taught my Wednesday afternoon boys for the last time. I entertained then by pretending to eat erasers, or pulling them out of my ear. Am I grandpa? Whatever, it was fun.

  • Saw The Departed, loved it;
  • Reading February's Vanity Fair (which has a huge article on the neocons who left Bush's side);
  • Reading the Melbourne Poet's Union best poem;
  • Listening to the old psychedelic mix CDs that LTR has tirelessly made for me;
  • Thinking about the lack of a successor at this school;
  • Drinking red wine for dinner.


all star india touring company said...

what did you reckon of that poem?

at first i thought it was a bit on the boring side...i still think so. "lush vitality"?

but it ends nicely. quite cute overall.

andy deserved the first prize...

M said...

red wine for dinner? yes please :)

jethan said...

my students called me grandpa the other day cuz of my hair.

Bonnie Conquest said...

All Star:: Yeah I'm sure Andy did but the website doesn't have his piece. He is a beautiful man and a wonderful poet.
M:: A girl after my own heart...
jethan:: Did you correct them? Tell them it's 'Duckling'?