Saturday, January 20, 2007

From 6 into 5 but really 4

Said some goodbyes today. Made and distributed farewell cards to my colleagues. Twas my last real day of work. Didn't cry, but surprised myself these past days with how moved I've been by it all. Even amidst the happiness of all the good stuff that's waiting at home.
Also had a little fight at dinner, with my friend from the hood, Tom, whom I've gotten along with famously til now. It kinda gave me a reminder of what it's like to be at home, where one has real conversations about 'issues' and suchlike, and where political debates take place between friends.
Ate a pile of duck, drank a lot of beers and sat looking out at the neon from the 11th floor bar, thinking about my world, Charlie, and the victims of cruise ships. I was thinking about International Cruise Victims Organization, which I've just discovered... An organisation less concerned with the misdeeds of Tom Cruise than those who've taken holidays on cruise ships and somehow suffered as a result. It's in the zeitgeist, people. Last night's CSI: Miami was all about this.

These are the birthday kids from yesterday. The one in the middle is my favourite, Branden::


Dave Mack said...

Someone's had a late night

M said...

oh my god, how CUTE!

mskp said...

what was the argument about?

Bonnie Conquest said...

The fight was about 'progress'... The future. He started by saying something about how, cos people travel so much now, that there will be only one 'race' in the next couple of centuries. He also said that trends in Europe inevitably will flow through to the rest of the world.
Before I was accused of twisting his words and it all got ugly, I argued that his was a first-world perspective, where globalisation is sexy and fun and exotic, but most of the world's people can't and won't travel like we privileged few. I argued that borders will harden, not dissolve, even if they change. I said what's relevant and good for Europe isn't necessarily so for the rest of the world. Anyhoo.

jethan said...

hmmm still not sure what to make of this icvo. although i can't stop reading it.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Compelling - REAL people - REAL tragedies - REAL mystery!