Saturday, January 06, 2007


Maybe I've started to feel sad about leaving here.
Today I felt I understood why teachers teach for decades. It can be so fun, so rewarding. Lovely.

I hate that guilty feeling when you know you're leaving... Or is it just me?
I remember my boss in Melbourne sending me a bunch of white tulips to congratulate me on my graduation. It was maybe two weeks after I'd decided to leave, but hadn't told him. I felt terrible.

I got mail yesterday. And today. So wonderful. I know I have a blog and email accounts and a phone but it was still great to get snail mail. I got a card from my friend in Iceland, and a Christmassy card from Dear Charlie's family. Nice.

I think it's gonna snow this weekend. Gosh, soon I'll be home, and it'll be damn hot. I'm thinking about the river, getting a water massage in the rapids...


Dan said...

Parting is such sweet sorrow, isn't it? We humans don't fancy change. But life is constantly changing without our consent, and who knows -- perhaps you're about to embark on a leg of your journey that will be the best ever. You never know.

Great photo of you teaching!

Dave Mack said...

maybe you should trade names weith kp, Teach..

Dave Mack said...


jethan said...

let it snow! let it snow! let it snow! it really only takes one or two students to make it all worth it. why do you think i've spent 3 years in ansan. its not cuz i luv the suburbs.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Hey that's not me, that's my Korean boss.. She's getting the kids excited about Santa's arrival. I was just hanging out, taking photos.
Dan, I'm excited, not scared. Change is good, happy to be a catalyst in my own life.

Dave, good thinkin'.

Dan said...

Oops ... sorry. It was too tiny to really tell. :)

jethan said...

fab new profile picture.
"you're gorgeous!"