Monday, January 01, 2007

Exotic Rich Beautiful

Love is optimism.
2007 the year of my exotic rich and beautiful life.
Where ever I am now, it's better and more beautiful and happy than where I was last year. What a blessed life I have.

I received a happy new year greeting from a good friend who said ::
"I wish you really ALL the best for 2007... The best in love life work friendships food art music books outfits political engagement confessions movies bands concerts nature sun letters good talks health". I like that. I wish the same for all.

Was gonna stay in last night, then Ethan called me and said 'I'm playin' the card: you're leavin' soon: come on out.' Then he tells me where... Homo Hill. Great. The wrong side of town with a buncha sleezoids drunks hookers and scary army arseholes. So yeah, I went. Ethan is a doll and he was with his lovely friend Jen. We went to a bar called 'Queen'. Yeah. Drink specials and GIs at the bar. Wasted poofs kissing fat girls, army girls who look like LL Cool J. Cute Korean guys playing with silver balloons, dirty lesbians with their tops off. Funfunfun.
It was low-key, I didn't dance, had a couple of drinks (and a felafel), then left at 12.30. I stopped to sneeze as I walked down to get a taxi and a hooker came out of the brothel I was standing in front of. I walked on, through crowds of gangstas setting off fireworks, dodging guys trying for a New Year's embrace. It was less then a hour into the New Year but the queue at MacDonald's was out the door.

Nice taxi driver took me quickly and safely home.


jethan said...

how yummy was that walking vanilla sundae...and the tatoos. even now he's still killin' me.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Yeah, he was cute. Damn you were funny, in your trance-like state.
I still wonder what the dealio was with that third guy... They were having some debate out the front when I left. I think they were talking about you.

M said...

lol, sounds...a little scary actually ;) Happy new year. I love that quote from your friend!

jethan said...

if only they were talking about me. will have to hunt them down...

richardwatts said...

Damn, and I thought my NYE was colourful! Drunk army boys hey? Yum, just my cup of bonox. :-)