Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I've realised I'm experiencing some side-effects of my imminent return home ::

1. Hair is growing
(It had stopped growing and started falling out the past 6 months in Korea.)
2. Hysterical optimism
(Love, reunions, new beginnings, freedom... I just keep feeling deliriously happy.)
3. Hayfeverish sneezes
(A constant the past decade, which stopped entirely the past 6 months in Korea.)

Oh, there's a great unbloggable rumour (good news, rather) that is just about to hit the airwaves... Oh the joy of love in the new year!


Harpo said...

Isn't that ace! Hooray hooray.

From that on to your own good news — I would have thought that, no matter how long you'd previously suffered hayfever, its absence would be difficult to notice. I mean, you don't sit down at the end of the day and say to yourself “Gee. I don't think I sneezed once today.” So that's groovy. As is optimistic happiness and growing hair, certainly. Good on you.

Dan said...

Sounds like your body wants to come back home! Happy New Year! It appears your 2007 will be a good one!

M said...

why did hair stop growing etc in korea?

hysterical optimism is good. I aspire for hysterical optimism!

Bonnie Conquest said...

Harpo - Actually, the sneezes are so bad, I DO notice each day when I don't sneeze.

M - Something in the water? Dunno but it's never happened before and lots of foreigners complain of it. Stress maybe.

2007 yeah!

jethan said...

yeah i get it...you're excited about return home. sob.
countdown: 22 days

Jen said...

I can't comment on this............:(