Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Final 30 Hours

I've spent seven months living alone. I've finally experienced a bit of Asia. I've made more friends and taken more photos. I've bought possibly 8 pairs of shoes. I've flown a lover across the world to see me. I've become acutely hysterical once, maybe twice. I've missed out on big things at home. I'm still in debt. I've sent a lot of postcards. I've eaten breakfast nearly every day. I've fallen asleep and missed my stop.

I'm looking forward to the colours of home, the hugs, the river, the children, the bread, the deck, the walks. Looking forward to not driving to work, to waking up with Charlie, to being alive and inspired at work, to enlarging some photos, to mending some bridges, to supporting my brother.

I'm going to miss the food, the subway, the new friends. I'll miss cheap clothes, shoes and taxis. I'll miss the Han River at night, PC bangs, cute Korean boys and their effeminate fashions, rice cakes in the subway, not understanding a word, freebies everyday.


Dan said...

What a sweet homage to home ... both of them.

Will you continue blogging when you get back? I hope so.

jethan said...

and i shall miss you my dear bc.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Dear E, I shall miss you too... Sob!

Dan, The Lament predates my K-life and will certainly continue after I return. Not to worry.

Pia said...

I have to admit, this post and the pics you've posted recently have made me pretty damn sentimental.

I miss all the things you just listed, but let's not forget the pens. I've yet to find such fine-tipped pens in the States.