Friday, November 03, 2006


Friday morning. The day is here. I'm a-quiver!
Woke up early, from a dream about EJW telling me off for picking on the father of her child. Mmm.
Anyways, finished packing. Hope it weighs in under 20 kilos and they let me on with the colossal amount of carry-on I have. Anyways. Excited.

Last night I went back to Dr Park's Orthopedic Clinic to get a look at the digit and see how it's going. While I was in the waiting room with two dozen others, a nurse came over and unbandaged my finger so that while I sat there everyone could get a good look. I had to soak the last bit of gauze in saline so it would soften and then the Doc came and started cutting through the stitches. We were both AMAZED when it came off to see that the graft had worked and it's all healing very well. Ace. I can prolly have all the bandages and shit off on Monday. Wikkid. The Doc said "You are very lucky. You got a skillful surgeon." I was like, skillful my arse, HE was lucky. Heh heh. Maybe the cutie medicines also helped ::

A couple of my friends have started blogs that I'll be checking on on. One is KT, who is a nerd and a divine woman who I've known since grade 3. The other is Luis, a brilliant poet who is trekking India. He was one of the first people to give a shit about The Lament. Onya.

Thanks to everyone for your sweet emails and goodness during my whole time away but especially this week when I had this unexpected digit crisis. Thanks to Ethan, for his tribute to my shoes. Whataguy.

Oh, and I keep thinking and writing about the market near my place that was reduced to rubble. This is what it looked like yesterday::


mskp said...

dr park's orthopaedic clinic is such a weirdly sinister name. so happy to hear of your speedy recovery, pet.

i was gonna say one more sleep but i reckon you've got no more...

jethan said...

by now you are sitting pretty on a plane. i will miss you. have a great trip and please come back!!!

richardwatts said...

Thank you for tempting my out of the inner city to an excellent party, ms Conquest - and delightful to properly meet you!