Monday, October 30, 2006

Call Me Stumpy

Yesterday was just another day on struggle street.

That was until... I sliced my finger while chopping carrots, then it just went silly.
There was blood everywhere and I think I may have been in shock cos I just wailed for ages as the blood poured down the sink. I called a girl who lives in my building and works at my sister school. She called her boss who came and picked me up. It was a long 40 minute wait for her, and the ride in the elevator from 4th floor to first was horror-show, blood everywhere.
We got to the hospital where they asked me to go back home and collect the 'stump', previously known as the pad of my tall man finger. Whaaaa?
Did so and then came back to hospital for an xray and for a doctor to look at me seriously and say I needed an operation and 3 weeks' convalescence in hospital. Then I lost it again.
The afternoon disappeared as the school's owners appeared, much to-ing and fro-ing as everyone wondered what was best. I called JD Whatever, hoping he could get me better translations of what the hell was going on. I called Dad, knowing he's cut of the tips of his fingers and would have both advice and soothing words for me. Which of course he did.
Upon Dad's advice I decided no operation, no reattach-ie of the stump-ie was called for... Then waited an hour, watching sick babies and injured footballers come and go and wail and wince. Suddenly a doctor called me into a room and held a huge syringe in front of me... Whaaa? I screamed for JD: I don't want an operation! What's happening?! Help me! He and the owner appeared and said: It's ok, just relax, it won't take long. Whaaaa?
I got two anaesthetics near my knuckle and watched the wall while the young surgeon stitched cadaverous piece onto my finger, then attached a huge splint up to my elbow then asked me if I liked drinking and if I lived nearby.

I was really tired and upset and hungry at 7pm when I left the hospital, after 4 hours. JD got me some pinenut porridge and my boss, Sidney, came by with green tea rice cakes. Later I tried to sleep but was so upset, uncomfortable, in pain... I woke constantly.
I went to work cos it was gonna be easy, Halloween party day. The kids all looked cute and one kid had the nouse to ask if I was from Egypt. Not bad. But all those trick or treat candies couldn't keep me going and I was a mess again by lunchtime so headed home. I went to a different doctor (Dr Park's Orthopedic Clinic... Whaaaa?) and he took my splint off, told me the skin was probably 'necrosis' and please go through for an injection. Hmm. Now my bum is all bruised from the needles. Gross.
Anyways. I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself. Sidney just called to see how the doctor was this arvo and I told her the little I understood. She is worried I'm gonna do a runner and not come back from this holiday. I didn't want to lie and say that that's not crossed my mind so I told her the truth: I'm coming back from this holiday and I wouldn't leave without telling you.


Kira said...

Jessie, you poor finger-less thing!! Oh what an awful thing to happen, your whole arm bandaged too!
It was so great to hear your voicemail on my phone yesterday, I don't know why it didn't ring at all and then there was you saying hi! Anyway I will call you if you can hold your phone! When is good?
lots of love, Kira xxxxx

Steve Chatelier said...

sorry to hear the story, stumpy :(

mskp said...

oh honey, even though i can only see your eyes in that picture, you look forlorn. was that before or after the chop?



Dave Mack said...

wow! jesus christ! What a terrible day for you!

I hope you can soldier on through. as kp said only 4 more days.

perfect time for a holiday.

get well soon!!

Bonnie Conquest said...

Thanks everyone. It sux.
But as Charlie says, only 5385 minutes to go...
I just got dosed up at the chemist so she'll be apples.

Oh, KP, I was trying to smile in that photo, from underneath the wellbeing mask... It was before the chop... I guess the smile was obscured...

jethan said...

oh, how awful. honestly it was hard for me to read. not so good with blood things, especially after i slice my palm open one time. but enough of that... you should have called me. i couldn't have come to see you. hope you are doing better. if you need anything don't forget i'm a phone call and few subway stops away.

let the countdown begin...

Rach said...

I think no one ever wants to hear the words 'collect the stump.'

That sounds horrible. I hope it's all healing well.

jethan said...
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Pia said...

Here's for better days! I actually winced when I read your story . . . I would have fainted if that'd happened to me!

Homo J. Sapien said...

Ooooooouchers! You have to start making up exciting stories about how it happened now, like you got it taming lions or disarming a bank robber. I did the same thing years ago while working in a kitchen, but not as bad. Let's just say someone got a bit of extra meat in their bolognaise sauce.