Friday, October 06, 2006

West Sea Isles

Yeah I had three or more days waking up all wrong and feeling low.
But I think I'm past it... A few good phone calls from home, small sleep-ins, and idle time spent not angsting. I finished The Plague and started reading Fury, by Salman Rushie, which I'll finish today. I haven't checked the reviews of it but I have a feeling it's not regarded as one of his better works, though it is entertaining.
Today I'm gonna embark on an adventure. Steph and I are gonna head to Muuido, a tiny island not far from Seoul. We've made no bookings and speak no Korean and it is the peak holiday time of the year. So we'll see how we go. Yay.

Lots more on my mind but I'm damn inarticulate lately. Hmm.

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mskp said...

my dear one, a couple of hours with your voice in my ear has incredible restorative power! i tried to get tt to quiz me on my capitals but he demurred. he can't see what a fun game it is! we'll play it when you're home - i can't wait to see you, kiss you, make you tea and almond fingers.

i'll be thinking of you today, on a magical little island in the middle of the sea. make it yours.

[love you too]