Monday, October 16, 2006

this mellow ride

Picture if you can an 8-year-old Korean girl wearing a white k-shit with a picture of a zebra and the following text ::



The best quality Action and spension
Sports & system light nr-0989
unit PROI Basic & people of world
PROI jeans NO-4012
From sessioning a handcrafted
spinning laps the park, the Dominant
With a ture twin-tipfreestyle shape and
flex, this mellow ride look jibs and


jethan said...

ouch my brain. its amazing all they cram onto a shirt here. they don't want to waste any space.

i had a student today who was decked out in hot pink from head to feet. to top it off her sandals blinked. i thought i was at the state fair.

kiki said...

i'm amazed at how you were able to read it all...

hey bonnie, you coming to europe with me?

mskp said...

the state fair! SUCH americana! please tell us about bobbing for apples and candy floss and lemonade and fried chicken and what are grits?