Friday, October 13, 2006

Stop Worrying?

Ma called last might all worried about the bomb. Neither of us were convinced by my limp argument that as we live in an 'age of terror' I'm as safe here as anywhere else. Then kp called and we thrashed it out as best we could but were stumped by the proposition of an article I read (lost the link but this is similar) when said that there were 4 possible reasons why there wasn't much evidence of an actual nuclear test other than bluster::
1. It was a failed test;
2. It was a fake;
3. USA made it up;
4. It was a short-range weapon developed to attack South Korea.

Yeah. Not that crash hot. So today I checked the DFAT site and it mentions the test but hasn't elevated warning about visiting Korea - it remains at the lowest possible level. So, ok. I asked my boss what she reckoned and she said HER Ma had called from Japan where she lives to check my boss had her passport ready so she could flee to JAPAN if the shit hits the fan. Then my boss, Sidney, said that North Korea is just like a baby and nobody pays attention to anything they say. She said none of the teachers at my school were talking about it and that nothing has changed.

I'm trying to know a bit more about the players and the trends so I can piece together a feeling for this. So many questions... Am I any less safe now that I was 3 months ago? Am I any more safe in Melbourne? Is worrying part of the problem? Are South Koreans not concerned because they've spent decades like this? Or are they not worried because they are indoctrinated into hyper-capitalism? Is that mean? Am I crazy?

I've been reading various blogs, trying to get a handle on what others are saying. There's just a massive diversity of opinions. Check out the Marmot's Hole for some DIFFERENT views...


Pia said...

I wouldn't worry too much about yourself living here. Worst case scenerio, Kim tries to sell nukes (or reeeeeeeally big sticks of dynamite) to other countries.

A part of me can't help but feel sorry for North Korea. I mean, I know the cities are more advanced than people think . . . but many people are starving, they've got a fearless (slash delusional) dictator and now this test is going to reduce (if not completely destroy) trade in and out of the country.

And if I can be totally self-centered for a moment, I am worried about the strength of the won. Will probably try to send money home next week. Dumb me, I should have done it on Tuesday.

Rach said...

It might be placing too much trust in governments, but if the DFAT warning isn't up then I imagine there isn't much to worry about.

But I know literally nothing of the situation. Still. It sounds like it's all happening in Korea.

mskp said...

i think you are safer in melbourne than in seoul. without doubt.

but of course, some might argue that you would be in more danger if you were in london or new york or los angeles [an argument that i am partial to]. so really, what you've chosen to do [get all the facts and put together a sense, both rational and intuitive, of what is happening] is the right course.

that said, if you come home now could drink beer and eat doritos and go dancing...


Bonnie Conquest said...

How did you know I just reached breaking point with no-doritos for 4 months??! RED ALERT! Insightful friend!
Pia - Tuesday was a good day to trade, yes yes. If I has more than 16480 won in the bank I would consider sending *all my money* home now too. Seriously though, is that REALLY the worst case scenario??
Yeah, Rach, strange but the DFAT thing DID reassure me too. Still old-skool at heart maybe.

jethan said...

i'm with you on the gathering more info. after chatting with you the other day i realized i've been living in a tiny bubble in ansan. need to be more aware of whats going on around me.

bottom line: not worried enough to leave yet. i'm probably safer here than at home.