Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Things I'm thinking about. Websites I've found. Interesting photos. Intriguing histories. More questions than answers.

  • The manipulator, Jill Greenberg. A photographer who got in trouble for making children cry for her photos. Ethical? Art?
  • Are Jews Smarter? Thinking about this after a friend got spammed with some anti-Arab rant about how many Nobel Prizes Jews have won. Quote: "We’re living in a new golden age of scientism—the idea that there are scientific answers to all human questions. People are so rattled by the speed and complexity of their lives that they need rock-solid certainty. They cannot bear to live inconclusively. Religion provides one definitive answer; science provides another. The important thing for most people is to feel that the way they live is an inevitable outcome."
  • The blog of Hongik professor Ahn Sang-soo featuring photos of people covering one eye.
  • Uprising and massacre in Korea at Gwangju in 1980. 207 people killed or maybe more when the army opened fire on demonstrators, many students. What was the Carter administrations' role? So many websites with too many opinions. I can't figure it all out.
  • Blog of a Finnish PhD candidate in Cultural Anthropology at University of Helsinki with great photos, fascinating stuff about Korea.
  • Morbid interest in the death of Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole's son. Weird, tragic, awful. Why? Do I care.


Anonymous said...

Wierd. Now I'm intrigued. Who is Daniel Smith anyway. Just thought it would delight you to know that Biggest Loser is back on. te he. If Mr K makes it to yoga this Thursday I may die of shock. Rower on the back burner. Salon $$$$$$ Exciting. HSWK o my god, the best! xo

kiki said...

jill greenburg = art

i don't agree with making the kids cry, but the end justifies the means non??

they're kids, if the way they are made to cry isn't too extreme (like touching them and what not), then they'll get over it pretty quick

Rach said...

I just think making young kids cry is mean. And her pictures are kind of sweaty and Lolita-ish. It's unsettling and not on, Ms Greenburg.

Anna Nicole Smith is a glorious tragicomic blonde in the tradition of Jayne Mansfield and so on. Interest in her son is more than founded. Poor lady.