Sunday, November 19, 2006

DVD Weekend

I've been loaned a DVD player and a stack o' DVDs so this weekend I watched Closer and Super Size Me. Sweet. Natalie Portman is so much hotter than Jude Law. Mmm yeah.

Didn't got to poker - went upstairs to Olivia's apartment and ate pizza while watching Crash (race-relations, not Cronenberg). Didn't go teach at the dodgy home-school either - she postponed til next week but... I really can't be fecked with MORE teaching. I feel like relaxing. With my DVD player and the mountain of books I brought home with me.

Saw Ethan today. Have I mentioned I ADORE him? I found his blog before I came to Korea, before I decided to come, actually, and then we met up when I got here. He is proof the internet is a force of good. Heh heh. Maybe I'm just saying this cos he gave me EXCELLENT birthday presents, including a piece from his exhibition earlier this year. It's hanging in my apartment already ::
Today was my first real venture back into Korea. Since I got back a week ago I haven't been far from home - just to work and back, so I've not felt like I'm anywhere. Weird feeling. So I got the subway today, to go to Ethan's, and had a funny interaction with a guy selling funny scarf things on the train, which amused and embarrassed me. I bought one of the scarf things and no-one else was biting... The peddler said "I hate Koreans" to me in English. Funny.

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jethan said...

the feelings mutual, my dear. it quite rare when you meet someone and instantly click. you're good peeps. it was a most excellent day as always. be sure to thank your bro for the mints.