Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Funnies at school this week. Teaching my students the various objects in a living room, they volunteered 'remocon' - typical K-abbreviation of remote control. And when discussing definition of 'party', I suggested birthday party, Halloween party... And a student chirped 'snack party'. Ok, sure.

Walking to work each day since I got back has been amazing. Korea is beautiful in Autumn, it's true. The Zenit would love it so I must forgive it for not winding on and get more film. It's so beautiful I reckon people smile just because.

As I was admiring the leaves in my street this morning I heard a noise like a giant kazoo. What the hell? Then I realised it was a person. A child. Screaming. Across the street. My student. Screaming at me in a high-pitched shriek: 'Good morning! Jessie! Teacher!'. So funny.

So my finger WAS healing really well... Very quickly and cleanly. But now I think the stump has been rejected... And is just a glorified (??) scab. Gross, sorry. At least I'm not posting a picture.

As of yesterday I'm no longer teaching my boss' husband. I'm so glad. It was a bit of a drain cos the preparation took me hours. So no pocket money. But more free time to watch DVDs and read the pile of books I brought back from home (aka stole from Dad). And to see some K-sights.


mskp said...

i'm missing you tonight, x.

jethan said...

what about pajama party?

Bonnie Conquest said...

kp, i missed you, too.
called you, got the machine.

ethan - what about a pajama party? shall we have one?

mskp said...

so weird. i posted that as soon as i got home. then i checked my messages to find that you'd called. ah, the synchronicity.