Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunrise in Singapore

Here I am alone again, trying to balance between capable automaton and emoting human mess.
On the way 'home' but of course... It's not really home. That was my place, my people, back there, in Melbourne. I'm confused about why I'm doing this to myself and to those who love me but I'm also clear that stay or go, stick it or shove it, I have a direct line to happiness and freedom.
As I stand at the gate, the golden edges of the cloudscape suddenly reveal the giant orange sun. It's magnificent. I remember that the sky is all obscured in Seoul, dirty and often colourless.
This next little chapter will be another tale of me being strong, 'staying the course', but also, maybe I do need to consider a slightly bigger picture in order to see the importance of the small stuff I value that makes me happy... Oh so unclear in my expression. But I need to consider my ambition, my passion, what do I want to do, if I can chose anything, now I have my degree, etc etc...


audrey said...

Hang on... are you coming back to Australia?

Rach said...

I feel you, I've been there before. It was lovely to meet you briefly. Enjoy the sunlight