Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow, and Back

Woke up to snow.
I knew it was cold last night!

Walked to school experiencing not so much cold as thrill. It was great, seeing snow all over the ground, trees, cars. Then in the morning I had the littlest, cutest kids and while I was teaching it started to snow... I couldn't resist gazing out the window watching big, soft snowflakes leisurely descend.
I recalled the first time I saw snow fall, in my first week in Vilnius, studying Lithuanian, a classmate pointed to the window and I was entranced. The rest of my Euro classmates were underwhelmed, but I'd never seen snow FALL. It was wonderful.

I have just booked my ticket home. Back for Australia Day. Ain't life grand?

We have one chance
One chance...
To get everything right

My friends, my habits, my family
They mean so much to me
I just don't think that it's right

I've seen so many ships sailing

Just heading back out again
And go off sinkin'

Thanks, Modest Mouse, for those lyrics...


jethan said...

All of us, all of us sing about it.
All of us, sing about it.

There must be some kind of message
Simple plot somehow impressive.
Anyone who can think of something
Come on now, just express it.
— the dandy warhols

Steve Chatelier said...

Snow is a funny thing. One of those double-edged swords I reckon. Enjoy it while you can I guess!

Bonnie Conquest said...

Definitely double-edged. I'm crook! But it's beautiful!

M said...

oh the first time I saw snow fall was in europe in Austria. I was so excited. The people I was travelling with thought I was retarded or something - they were American and couldn't believe I had never seen snow.