Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Truly, Back

Found the CDs of photos from the Party Like it's 1985 shenanigans. Oh my joyful goodness and bright hilarity. I've just uploaded a heap. Want to post some here but so hard to choose a favourite. What a great night. What a wonderful week home.

Hey I know it's cold here but I had no idea IT WAS THIS COLD. Sub-zero... Snow will be here for good soon. Definitely time to stop wearing espadrilles and buy a coat. Damnit.

I got to name my first student today. It was exciting. Ethan has been in the game ages so he's named heaps but it was the first time I'd got a new student with no English name. He is Sally's brother. So I called him Steve, after my godfather. I was rapt.


jethan said...

rock on with your bad self. looks like everyone had a blast in '85. welcome to the name game.

Dave Mack said...

super rad party photoe