Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another Year

Today is my birthday.
I turn 26 today.

Although I've been away from home for a birthday before, this is a verystrange birthday. Verystrange.
I woke up on the right side of the bed and started the day feeling good. Kids were fine at school and I managed to keep it on the down-low that it was my birthday so my colleagues didn't do anything silly. I walked home for lunch and chatted with My Dearest Charlie about a bucket of eels, which made me so happy and chirpy he thought I'd been on the sauce.

I think the past year has been a pretty good one, and the year ahead is full of promise. Truly feeling optimistic. Last year when I had my super birthday day I couldn't imagine the year ahead: graduation ecstasy; relationship demise; misery; my day in court; Tassie shenanigans; Helena's arrival; Korea idea; vipassana; joy; meeting Dear Sweet Charlie; living in Korea and the craziness of late. And so much other stuff.
Now I look forward to a year full of surprises. So many things that held me back no longer exist or matter. Mmm I sure there will be challenges... But I know I live a blessed and sweet life, and my future is bright. Yeah. Happy birthday me. Heh heh.


Pia said...

Happy birthday my bonnie lass!

Dave Mack said...

Darrel and Ozzie say hi!

Ilona said...

Happy birthday!!!! Just sent you an e-mail, but wanted you to have as many comments as possible on this day. Huge telepathic hug,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, my love! I hope it's still your birthday there. Thinking of you, wishing you the best. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you drink some good vodka to celebrate

mskp said...

whatever you're on, keep drinking deep. sounds like you've got a handle on what's important/real, baby girl. endless optimism, courage, hope - hallmarks of bonnie's conquest of the world.

i love you, on your birthday and every day, x.

Owen said...

Happy birthday my lovely!

So sorry I missed the actual day - stupid exams! One more to go and I am officially a baby doc.

Love you lots,

jethan said...

happy day after your birthday...

Katie said...

happy birthday bonnie!

gets me thinkin' of lacy topshop underwear and rhubarb pie in lundun.

my, you have had some exotic international birthdays.

HUGE KISSES, sounds like you had a fittingly cheery day.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Oh my gawd! Those undeez! You are so funny! They were so so so tiny! And polka-dot! And so lazy! And they fit inside my card! You are the bomb, Katie.