Monday, November 21, 2005


Had such a great birthday. Quarter of a century!
Went to the massive rally against the IR reforms.
Oh! Before that - had a truly wonderful breakky at Ici in Fitz with girls and baby Ot.
Protest was AMAZING.
Twas a great day.... Saw Amin by surprise, who used to be in Maribyrnong with Enso. I posted about his release. Lovely guy.
Anyways. Went to Animal Orchestra in the arvo so Em and Heaf could get food. Then went to Smith Street and found a GREAT! Red bikini!
In the eve had dinner at The Standard. Perfect. Such a crew. Funny, funny. So many gifts. Totally spoilt rotten.

Birthday celebrations are still being stretched out - got a cute card today in the mail and of course haven't seen Enso yet which will be the best present!

ExHAUSTED today. My office moved. It's all open plan and anarchic. Not sure what the blog will do now that everyone can see that I'm not really working.


Steve Chatelier said...

Happy Birthday!!

Bonnie Conquest said...

Thanks Darlin! How you doing?! Was there a protest in your town about the IR shit?

Steve Chatelier said...

Yep - didn't go, but was there in spirit!

Also, congrats on the grad...ahh, that feeling...meanwhile, I am in the middle of my summer semester *sigh*...
Spending today trying to convince people to buy Christmas presents for the world's needy from the TEAR gift catalogue etc.

Am coming to Melb for three weeks over Christmas...can't wait to see you again -- hopefully a lot more this time! are you going to be around?

Bonnie Conquest said...

Yeah, last visit was pretty hectic for you I reckon.
What are you doing to convince people of the merits of TEAR?

Good luck with studies, mate! :)